Overview of Meteorology

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think "Meteorology"? Weather, right? Meteorology is so much more than just the weather. Through this unit study, you will be able to answer the following questions about meteorology:

1. What does meteorology have to do with Am radio stations?

2. Can you name the five layers of the atmosphere?

3. Do bald eagles really fly into and above the storm?

4. Why does the air get thinner the higher up we go?

5. Is air really weightless?

6. How can rain clouds form when I live far away from the ocean?

7. What is fog made of?

8. Plants sweat?

9. What are the two elements that make the ocean water salty?

10. How does the salt content make a difference in the water's temperature?

11. Which clouds produce rain and thunderstorms?

12. What are the different types of thunderstorms?

13. What makes lightning?

14. How does lightning travel?

15. Do rainbows appear every time it rains?

16. Do rainbows really have every color in them?

17. How are double rainbows made?

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