Check Point Activities for Leadership and Management

In this course, you will complete two activities to help you to better understand the differences and importance of both leadership and management skills. Watch the videos and download the word processing documents in the course description to get started.

After completing the presentation in this activity, you will be able to

  • start a new presentation in Google Slides
  • Choose a theme and apply it to your presentation
  • Add shapes and texts to a blank presentation slide
  • Change text in the heading and subheading placeholders
  • Create a representation of two items that share a relationship
  • Format text
  • Group items
  • Align items on the slide(s)
  • Add transitions and animation
  • Compare the still presentation to the animated presentation
  • Experience the difference animation and transitions make

After completing the document in this activity, you will be able to

  • Add tables to a word processing document
  • Format cells, rows, and columns
  • Add and delete cells, rows, and columns
  • Create row headers in a table
  • Change text and formatting
  • Add a picture to a word processing document
  • Place the picture exactly where you want it
  • Enter text into a table in a word processing document
  • Begin entering important questions that you will need to know before, during, and after a babysitting assignment

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