Building the Hybrid Candidate: Technical Skills

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Today's workforce MUST be tech savvy and know how to motivate and empower other people. This course is the part 2 in the 21st Century Skills for the 21st Century Workforce Mini Series and sets the foundation in the Business Essentials Mega-Series as well as the Building Trust and Rapport Mini Series for babysitters..

Part 1 of this mini-series builds the technical skills most widely used in business today.

Part 2 empowers you with the soft skills that employers are desperately searching for.

In Part 3, inspire trust and rapport through your actions of integrity, authority, and respect.

BONUS MATERIAL: Specifically for babysitters, learn best practices to know what to do when asked to babysit during a meal or snack time to keep on the top of their call list. You will customize a Babysitter's Busy Bag that will not only help you be prepared and proactive, but also provides a really fun activity to engage the children while on-the-job

.At the end of the 21st Century Skills for a 21st Century Workforce Mega Series course, you will be able to

  • Define leadership and leader
  • Understand how this applies to babysitters
  • Recognize that babysitting is a leadership position
  • Understand what rapport is
  • Identify 3 ways to inspire trust and rapport with the families you will care for
  • Better understand the differences between leadership and management
  • Identify task-oriented responsibilities
  • Gain a basic understanding of what it means to be "in charge"
  • identify 6 essential things to do to lead and manage an emergency situation.
  • Create a new document in Google Docs
  • Save the document to your computer as a different file type
  • Open a PDF file in Adobe Acrobat DC
  • Upload a PDF file from your computer into Adobe Acrobat DC
  • Add content to an already published PDF file
  • Create your signature and save it to use on future documents
  • Electronically sign an already published PDF file
  • Move a text field you created to anywhere in the document that you want

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Shawna Ebbeson
Shawna Ebbeson

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