The Rules

Get your kids excited about math, science, history, geography, and even reading and writing with one of their all-time favorite computer games: Minecraft. This primer course is an orientation course for parents, educators, and adults planning to use the Minecraft curriculum to support academic concepts and kids new to playing Minecraft.

Take control of your subscription and choose only the concepts, courses, and activities you want.

The Rules

$1/ month Add-on Promotion

1.This course is part of a Mega series; however, it has been deemed eligible for the $1/month promotion for School-wide and Homeschool Made Simple monthly subscribers.

2.Subscription to this course is required in order to access or participate in any live, in-game sessions or other Minecraft Youniversity courses.

3.Monthly subscribers will need to add-on each Minecraft Youniversity course they want to participate in individually as they are released at the $1/month premium.

Minecraft Youniversity Monthly Subscriber Exclusives

1.Minecraft Youniversity Subscribers will be automatically enrolled in Minecraft courses as they become available.

2.Subscribers will have exclusive access to recordings of in-game sessions

3.Vote on builds and other content

4.Lead missions on Minecraft Fun Mondays in-game sessions (server builders also eligible)

5.Moderate discussion boards and chat rooms

All students will be able to:

  • 1.Build their own homes
  • 2.Hold village positions (such as librarian, store keeper)
  • 3.Participate in activities and session objectives without restrictions
  • 4.Post comments and forum discussion posts
  • 5.Compete for in-game prizes
  • 6.Earn achievement awards for reaching an objective
  • 7.Have equal earning and learning rights as all other players in the game

Minecraft Youniversity Strong Character Code

It is important that we are all on the same page as to what behavior is acceptable and what is not. We have generated this code of ethics to help promote an attitude of cooperation, sportsmanship, and good character.

Damaging structures and Pillaging

  • Pillaging is taking something that does not belong to you. Damage is any destruction or alteration of someone else's belongings or structures in the game done without permission. Here is what you can expect when this occurs
  • 1.This is a great time for us to practice managing our conflicts effectively
  • 2.It is important that mediators understand what happened and, more importantly, WHY.
  • a)First, a discussion will be held in-game around The Round Table with your instructor
  • b)The player who pillaged must return the items and help that player complete his or her task
  • c)The player who damaged another player's belonging must repair or reconstruct the damaged item and help that player complete his or her task
  • d)If this behavior continues, the player will team with the instructor for 3 sessions and must complete a secret mission before returning to their desired team
  • e)If the behavior has not been corrected, the player will be removed from the live in-game sessions and provided alternative activities.

Be respectful

  • 1)Communication should be positive and helpful
  • 2)Criticism can be good, but should not be mean or rude
  • 3)Some activity objectives in-game is not to finish the quest first, but to work together and help everyone finish the quest

Preorders for Minecraft Youniversity Mega Series courses are now being accepted. Anticipated release date is October 31st!

Build their own virtual classroom/school

Engage children in being a proactive and productive contributor to their own learning

Boost esteem by having a genuine interest in something they find important

Build a deep connection with the child

Build confidence through interaction, engagement, and academic improvement

Master concepts of measurement, area, and perimeter

Strengthen multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction

Craft a visual representation of simple and advanced math problems

Build a love of learning

Help children identify the importance of math in and out-of-game

Rebuild scenes from a story they are reading

Enact classic plays and skits

Create Minecraft Learning groups/teams

Expand their classroom and add a Minecraft Library

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